Performance Improvement Workshop

Are You Ready To Take Your Organization To The Next Level?

Improving Workplace Performance - A Workshop Designed For Managers and Supervisors.

“The most important role of managers and supervisors is to create work environments where their people can succeed.” – Roger Chevalier

Every day, managers and supervisors look at the present level of performance and compare it to the desired level. Then they usually apply solutions that they or others have used in the past.  Unfortunately, these solutions are often ineffective and may even decrease performance.This one-day workshop will teach managers and super-visors to use a systematic approach to defining, addressing, and eliminating performance gap.

Price for this One Day Workshop is $400 Per Participant

Workshop Details

Performance Objective:  Managers and supervisors will improve their knowledge and skills in analyzing shortfalls and improving workplace performance.   

Learning Objectives: Participants will gain greater insight and improve their skills in:

  • Defining the present level of performance
  • Identifying performance shortfalls.
  • Determining the underlying causes for these shortfalls.
  • Selecting appropriate interventions to improve performance.
  • Managing the change process and evaluating the results.

This workshop shows how problems commonly encountered by supervisors and managers can be assessed to determine the root causes.  Once root causes have been determined you are on your way to creating positive and lasting changes in your organization.  The techniques shown in this workshop are applicable to a wide range of situations.  They provide a systematic and consistent approach to dealing with "problems".

To find out more about this workshop, or to find out how this workshop can support your new supervisors and managers, please contact Tom Janisch at 

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